A bit of “R&R” – The Serial Ki… atch ‘n’ Releasers

To the trout of his usual haunt–the Avon river–he’s likely known as their equivalent of Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez, but to everyone else he’s known as “Ollie”. For a few times a season, when he’s not prowling the banks of his local with his young apprentice, Olivia, he joins forces with the trout’s equivalent of Gary Ridgway–me! (Though I’m likely flattering myself as I’ve probably an inferior body count). This dark allegiance with serial ambitions has only had sporadic success, but usually one of us eventually ekes out a victim. “Gettem while they’re hungry, desperate, and vulnerable” is the sinister mantra, though such a collaboration of circumstances is rare.

Anyway, “Ramirez” invited me away on a prowl into new territory back in November and below is some of the evidence. Despite being fresh and up for the hunt I couldn’t even catch a cold, despite the rubbish weather and the fact that Ollie–sorry, Ramirez–currently had a cold. Ramirez, despite the pretty serious looking cold verging on flu, brought his “A” game, and probably more importantly, a giant green stonefly that did the business, impaling a hapless big fat brown. Meanwhile, Ridgway snapped away in the background getting a few “trophies” for future self-gratification.

Swanning around, anticipating some serious prowling

Anticipating the hunt

Ramirez “striking”

Ramirez with his victim

Ramirez exhibiting his expert camouflage, blending into riverbed and forest at the same time. Instinct, you can’t teach that.

Fine habitat for an ambush, shame we were only after trout

A swollen Green river out of reach

Peering through foliage, surveying for victims

Ridgway fogging the lens, probably due to his overexcitement. Ramirez confirming this would be a fine place to stash a corpse, and with all the rain the trout-cadaver dogs would likely never find it.

The Darklands putting our predator’s resolve to the test

Ridgway going solo late in the day, heading to the mouth in search of easier victims

Ridgway feeding the belly after he failed to feed his soul with a conquest

The getaway, fleeing the scene!!


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