Firstly, hello there and welcome to my completely unprofessional looking blog! I hope your stay will be a pleasant and satisfactory one. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite—actually make that several, the beer goggles effect may make my site look more attractive!—and make yourself comfortable while you peruse my pages and posts. Just please, for the love of God don’t ask me what the difference between the two is, because that maddening question has led me down a dark path late into the night on several occasions while starting out here! If you’ve just come here with the aim of sponging a few angling locations you’ll be undertaking a futile endeavour, as location specifics will for the most part be omitted from this blog. Instead you’ll have to track me down, and subject me to a series of water boarding sessions to stand any hope of extracting such information from me, or alternately you could just ask to join me for a fish.

Well then, where to start…. I’m an angler from the south island of New Zealand. Although commonly referred to as The Troutophile, I’m still known by a few people as “Tim”. My angling addiction began many years ago when I dabbled in a bit of spin fishing in my youth. I’d assumed it to be a safe casual hobby, little did I know that I was in fact perched precariously on a slippery slope, partaking in what proved to be a gateway into the dark seedy world of fly fishing for trout. Season by season the devolution continues, the tunnel vision becomes greater, and I spend ever increasing time and money chasing the dragon, well the browns actually. It’s hard to know where it will lead. Perhaps one day you’ll run into me on some distant trout stream begging for tungsten nymphs, or a length of tippet. And if you do, please give generously!

188The author doing his bit to taint a majestic vista

The content here will be almost exclusively fly fishing related, with possibly a little side section dedicated to the relevant environmental issues we face here in New Zealand. The theme I’m aiming for with this blog is one of light hearted—and possibly sometimes slightly demented—fun. As anyone will be aware of who follows fly fishing writings, the sentimental deep and meaningful stuff has been done to death, and by people who are certainly superior writers to myself! I’m also aiming to get into a bit of filming as much as my modest funds allow, so a few videos may also pop up from time to time (we’re talking action cam type stuff, no DSLR’s here, not yet at least!).

So anyway, at the time of writing this we’re now a couple of weeks into the season here in New Zealand. I’ve already got a decent trip under the belt, which I’ll post the report on shortly, and had a day trip up the local as well which I’ll also post a brief report on. And another trip planned this week, if I can get my act together! Well that’s enough rambling from me, and if you made it to the end, good job! Pour yourself another well earned drink!

The Troutophile signing off.

PS. On publishing this I’ve noticed a lot of red lines above which I’m choosing to ignore. That’s because we spell things differently down here in Kiwiland. It’s not that we’re illiterate, honest.




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merillion
    Nov 26, 2014 @ 00:20:46

    I’m not at all into fishing, but your writing is great and the locations are beautiful! I’ve had trout a few times in my life, & it does taste good, but I hate fighting with the bones.



    • thetroutophile
      Nov 29, 2014 @ 03:53:00

      Hi Marilyn,

      Your kind words are most appreciated :). My blog is currently an even bigger mess than usual as I’m in the midst of a bit of experimenting (guess that’s what the alternate menus are for… oops!!). The fishermen here usually don’t keep the fish, we prefer to catch ‘n’ release them. It’s more about the “soul food”. Re. the post/page saga, I guess if we’re not intent on conquering the blogging world with our blog then it’s not really that important. I was probably making a mountain out of a molehill, as usual. Creating content certainly is the fun part!! 🙂





  2. James
    Dec 15, 2015 @ 13:38:43

    Hi Tim, great blog. Are you based in Christchurch per chance?



  3. James
    Dec 20, 2015 @ 16:28:17

    Ha! Lucky guess 😉 Wondering whether you’d be keen for a fish sometime in the new year? I’m keen to get into the backcountry a bit more. I’m on Instagram – “fellowofthefly”. Just thought I’d ask. Cheers



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